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Thursday, April 26, 2012 | By: Traci

Review: World's Burn Through

Worlds Burn Through (The Chronicles of Nowhere #1)Worlds Burn Through by Vicki Keire
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

This really isn't a bad book, but it's more of a short story than anything. The story is set up to be a bit confusing. I'm sure this is the author's choice but for one, I'm finding it really hard to really, really like the story. We're left in the dark about so much, but then again, so is the main character Chloe. She too is in the dark for most of the story.

The reader is learning right along with Chloe about the things in her life that she doesn't quite understand. I would like to know more about her mother and father; we know some about her father but not much. We know some things about her mother as well, but still, we don't know much.

There is a preview of the next book at the end if you must know more. I however did not keep reading. I'd like to get the next one to read the entire thing instead of just a snippet of information.

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ryder said...

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Who are John and Julia?
Julia: Though she tries to put on an above-it-all face for the world, she’s been suffering over her parents’ divorce, which she blames on her workaholic mom. And now her mom’s forcing Julia to spend the summer on her grandmother╩╝s country estate in Cedarwood Ridge, 30 miles away from anything, and way too much in the middle of some serious otherworldly stuff.

“I think life is supposed to be great but most times it sucks and then we die and that’s the end of it. That’s all I know and if there’s more I sure as day don’t want to waste my precious time figuring it out. At least not as long as I am busy with figuring out the things I can see,” she added defiantly, “like how to get my parents back together? Now that’s something I would like to know.”
John: Julia╩╝s childhood friend and alter ego, John is pretty much the opposite of everything Julia stands for. He has lived his whole life in Cedarwood Ridge and couldn’t agree more.

This is a nightmare, he thought. Evidently Julia had indeed transformed into a girl since their last encounter, plus, to make a headache a migraine, she seemed to have shape-shifted into one of those frightening creatures Andy & Co. were so eager to get their hands on. And just how could she have grown so tall?
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