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Wednesday, April 11, 2012 | By: Traci

Comic Review: Angel: A Long Night's Journey by Darkhorse Comics

Angel: A Long Night's Journey Bundle I picked up this four comic bundle from Darkhorse Digital for 6.99. The story begins with Angel fighting a car of demon's. When he gets ahold of them to get them to talk, they refuse. They claim to know nothing. However, when Angel get's into the trunk of the car, he finds a little boy. Of course, Angel takes the boy home and when the boy reveals his saviors name to his father, his father set's about to prove that miracles exist since his boy was saved by an angel.

However, thing's aren't so great for the savior Angel because once again, he's being attacked by creatures that seem a lot more powerful than anything he's ever encountered before. With a little digging, we discover that the person behind the random Angel attacks is actually someone that Angel has encountered in the past. He's come back to take something from Angel that he feels is rightfully his. Angel is certain however, that he lay's no claim to what he seeks. This story arc takes place during Angel's second TV season

I felt this arc was a quick read. There isn't actually a lot to read within some of the comics because most of it is fight scenes with sound words. The artwork however, seems a lot more crisp and clear than the previous Angel comics that I read a few months ago. However, the art still contains plenty of detail so you can immerse yourself into the story line without feeling like something is missing. It is a great addition to the world of Angel.


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