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Sunday, February 5, 2012 | By: Traci

Comic Review: Angel # 5, #6, #7

Angel #5 | Dark Horse Digital Comics

In this issue of Angel, we see Doyle and his half demon self dealing with another demon that feels Doyle was messing with his girlfriend. Not only this, we get to see Doyle trying to deal with with his own personal demons.

The case Angel and his crew are working on seems to be the case of possession. Doyle has a vision of a woman in danger which leads Angel and Doyle to her doorstep and she's begging for help. In the end we find out he's possessed and with the help of a priest, his demons are removed.

As the story line unfolds though, we can see that not everyone in this world can be trusted. People that are thought good may not be good and those that are perceived bad can actually be good. It's all a matter of not judging a book by it's cover until you really know them.

As usual, the artwork is great. I think the best scenes in these comics are those where Angel is dealing with supernatural beings. The beings are drawn in great detail, so much more detail I think than was ever given in the TV show. Once again this is also a nice tie in to the show.


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