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Wednesday, February 15, 2012 | By: Traci

Comic Review: Angel #17: The Cordelia Special

Angel #17

Cordelia takes center stage in this issue all about her! We enter the story by getting a glimpse into Cordelia's apartment. We also get a sneak peak of Dennis, her friendly apartment ghost doing what he does best: watch TV. When the gang enters, they leave Cordelia with a task: guard the demon heart and do not let anyone enter, at all costs. Wesley and Angel leave, leaving Cordelia at home with Dennis. Things however, do not go smoothly at home, but Dennis is to the rescue!

This I believe was my favorite issue of this series. I love Cordelia. She grew a lot while on Buffy and she grew even more while working with Angel. I love her quips, and she's really quite smart. She always has something funny to say. Also, I loved Dennis in this. He was always protective of her on the show but it was nice to see something going on in her house and having Dennis jump to her rescue. It really showcased their odd relationship which was great to see. Great issue!

Also, the ending was perfect. I loved how she was very nonchalant about everything that had occurred in her apartment while the guys were gone.


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