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Tuesday, February 14, 2012 | By: Traci

Comic Review: Angel #15 and #16

Angel #15
Angel #16

In this part of the story, Angel finds himself constantly attacked by demons claiming he is causing them trouble and they're really tired of being disturbed. Angel is tired of being attacked. What follows is a wild chase to determine who exactly is behind all of the attacks and more importantly, why is she blaming Angel?

I really liked the randomness of the attacks. This felt just like an episode of Angel, especially with all of the banter with the supernatural beings and the attacks. This also had a really nice mystery feel to it. Also, much to my surprise, Buffy makes an appearance in both of these issues. These issues actually fall alongside a few of the Buffy comics that came out for season 8.

It was nice to see Buffy make an appearance and it's just cemented my need to read through Buffy season 8 and start on Season 9 which is just starting to make an appearance. I think I will buy the Buffy issues in hardcopy however and not digital.


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