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Monday, January 23, 2012 | By: Traci

Review: Revealing Eden: Save The Pearls Part One by Victoria Foyt (ARC)

Revealing Eden: Save The Pearls Part OneRevealing Eden: Save The Pearls Part One by Victoria Foyt
My rating: 2 of 5 stars

OK, so if you read the synopsis of this book, it sounds amazing. I mean, really amazing.

The bad part?

Once you read about two or three chapters you're left wondering what on earth is going on. Then you start to question why you're still reading.

With that being said, I did read the whole book. The concept was interesting. I just found it hard to follow all the parts of the book. I feel like Eden jumped around in thought a little too much. Eden is also a strange character. She is already hated by anyone that isn't a pearl because pearls are the lowest of the low in society, but she slowly starts to hate herself. She also places a lot of blame on her father. Then again, we don't see a big relationship with Eden and her father either. They interact but it isn't a close relationship and we're left wondering why things are so strained in the fist place. Yes we know a little bit but I feel like we're missing large pieces. And, he really isn't a bad guy, he just spends a lot of time working.

I was intrigued by Eden's father and his experiments but things just turned weird for me when one of the guys in the lab is turned into a half cat-half human being. All the references he kept making towards Eden towards the end were a little weird. It was honestly very hard to read those portions.

The characters? I felt they were a bit flat. I really didn't care much about them either way.

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