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Sunday, January 29, 2012 | By: Traci

Comic Review: Angel Surrogates # 3

Angel: Surrogates #3 | Product Details | Dark Horse Digital Comics

In this issue of Angel, we're dealing with the conclusion of Angel and Dr. Freehan, the current enemy he is fighting. We learn the complete truth about the fertility clinic, Fertile Ground, and we also learn what Dr. Freehan is, and how she's working to accomplish her own goal.

I liked seeing Angel, Cordelia and Doyle fight together in this one. True to TV show fashion, Angel runs off to stop the big baddie himself while Cordelia and Doyle are left to take take charge of the rest of the mess. Cordelia can't help but pipe in with her usual quips and Angel struggles to prove that he can and will take down any evil forces in his never ending quest to prove himself good.

I think the graphics in this were wonderful, just like the last two. I think Cordelia's character is drawn spot on with her TV self, Angel and Doyle go through moments of looking like their TV counter parts and not resembling them at all. However, it still is easy to read and a great way to get your Angel fix.


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