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Tuesday, December 20, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse #6) By Charlaine Harris

Definitely Dead (Sookie Stackhouse, #6)Definitely Dead by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

I was a bit disappointed with this novel in the series. I guess I expected something different, something a lot more compelling and active.

While I enjoyed reading about the Vampire Queen and her love and relationship with Sookie's cousin Hadley, and I liked seeing Bill and Sookie's relationship tested even more by more problems brought on by news of why Bill was really back in Sookie's neighborhood, this book just wasn't as excellent as the others.

Also, I really can't help but feel bad for Sookie, she has all of these guys around her, all vying for her attention, but the problem is, they're not normal guys. When we find out why this is, I can't help but feel bad for her because I realize that now, because she is immersed into the supernatural world, she'll just never get a break.

I am hoping however that Bill and Sookie's relationship returns. I'm not too fond of the Were's. I'm more of a vampire person myself. It's just too much to read about all of these people constantly shifting before battles and then later shifting back and wandering around naked. I'll take a good ole fashioned vampire battle any day!

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