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Monday, October 24, 2011 | By: Traci

WV Book Festival Recap

So I left on Saturday morning for the WV Book Festival. About an hour or so into my trip I realized I didn't bring my camera. Thank goodness most phones today have a camera otherwise I wouldn't have anything to show for the trip! My GPS ended up getting us lost so we made it there a little later than I expected but that's OK. The first thing on my agenda was to check out the book sale. We did end up buying some books but not as many as I thought. I think this sale is so big the best thing to do is show up as soon as the doors open to begin looking. It was pretty empty when we got there and we showed up about 3.5 hours after the sale began. That's OK though, while the selections we bought aren't recent they're still pretty interesting looking nonetheless.

So, after the book sale, there weren't any presenters we were too interested in so we went to the mall. Thankfully the mall is right across the street from the Civic center so it made the trip easy. We found this really awesome tea place so naturally, we had to buy ourselves bubble tea! Cake batter flavor which was amazing. Anyway, rambling.

When we went back to the Civic Center, we had a bit to wait for Alex Flinn, so I bought a hardback version of her book Cloaked and we went to the presentation room. Alex spoke about her books, the inspiration for writing the fairy tale retellings and she talked a bit about writing her first books.

Here's Alex during her presentation.
And a copy of my signed book!

I'm definitely thinking about going back next year. However I think next year I'll plan to spend an entire weekend going to more presentations and just enjoying the weekend in another location!


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