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Wednesday, October 19, 2011 | By: Traci

Upcoming Event: The West Virginia Book Festival

This is the first I've actually heard of this event occurring in my state. So naturally I'm pretty excited because it seems like a pretty interesting event. I think what's more interesting is the people that will be in attendance this year. I wasn't expecting this festival to draw very many popular authors but previously, Diana Gabaldon attended the event so they do draw popular authors. This year, Alex Flinn will be attending and giving a talk. Lee Child will also be in attendance, also known as the author of the Jack Reacher novels. Dave Pelzer will also be in attendance, author of "A Child Called It". So, this festival is a 2.5 hour drive for me but I'm seriously considering attending. There is the slew of famous authors not to mention the giant used book sale that is drawing me in. So far, I'm planning to go, so if I do, you can expect some pictures and maybe even a surprise or two! I'm not sure what I'll get into exactly but it sure sounds like fun!

WV Book Festival


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