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Tuesday, October 11, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris

Dead as a Doornail (Sookie Stackhouse, #5)Dead as a Doornail by Charlaine Harris
My rating: 3 of 5 stars

For some odd reason, while I still enjoyed reading this book about my fast becoming friend Sookie and her dealings with supernatural beings, this book just wasn't as good as all the others. While, I did enjoy the story, I just wasn't happy with how the story was executed.

With were's being shot and some killed, the killer is caught pretty fast. It happens suddenly. You're not expecting it. There isn't really a big build up to it at all. Then, when it's over, well that is that. It's just over. Of course, Sookie has to deal with Andy and other police professionals, but it's not really made out to be a big deal. There isn't a big climatic build up and then, we're hit with a huge let down.

Then, when things turn interesting more towards the end, it happens pretty fast. We realize that Sookie, once again was sort of duped, but so was Eric. That's sort of surprising, and of course, we're not expecting that person to be at fault, but the ending is fast. It's almost half hearted as if Harris just wanted to get it done and over with.

Definitely not the best True Blood novel but it's still an OK read. I'm hoping that the next book has more interesting things than what happened in this one!

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