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Thursday, September 8, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Shattered Dreams: A Midnight Dragonfly Novel by Ellie James (ARC)

Shattered Dreams: A Midnight Dragonfly Novel
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Shattered Dreams: A Midnight Dragonfly NovelSummary: After the death of her grandmother, Trinity Rose is sent to live with her Aunt Sara. There, some of her 'friends' take her to an abandoned home with the leader of the pack, Jessica setting Trinity up for a cruel joke. What Jessica doesn't know is that Trinity can see things that many other people cannot. She has psychic visions and dreams and Trinity sees Jessica in one of the rooms pleading for help. When Jessica disappears, Trinity begins having dreams about Jessica calling out for help; dreams where she can almost see where Jessica is. When she talks to the cops, they think she is involved, only telling them because she feels guilty. However, some people believe her; people like her Aunt that know her mother too had visions. Visions that ended with her death and the death of her husband.

My thoughts: For instance, Chase, her love interest. From the beginning of this book, Chase seems to have an odd obsession with Trinity. That's fine, but the fact that he is quite pushy, constantly after her and all of the conversations she seems to have with Chase revolve around him saying her name over and over again as they're talking. She talks and he just replies with "Trinity". This doesn't happen once, it happens practically the entire conversation. She says a sentence, Chase interrupts with "Trinity", she continues to talk and then he breaks in again with "Trinity". I really got tired of hearing her name over and over again.

This also reads like a terrible romance novel. Trinity wants him, she likes him and then suddenly retreats into herself with Chase pulling her back out and then we start the conversation with Chase saying nothing but her name over and over again.

When Trinity is blamed for the disappearance of Jessica and blamed for being involved, those parts were played off too well. Of course, Chase comes to the rescue and they go off to find her. When they do find Jessica and the kidnapper makes his grand appearance, the scene is over rather quickly. Also, there is no motive or real reveal as to whom the kidnapper is or as to why he wanted to take Jessica in the first place. Also, we never find out why Jessica left and how she ended up coming across this man either.

There were too many things left up in the air, not to mention the relationship Chase and Trinity shared. It was really quite frustrating. Not a bad read but it definitely could be better.

I received this book from Good Reads for an honest review.


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