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Thursday, September 22, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Demonglass (Hex Hall Book #2) by Rachel Hawkins

Demonglass (Hex Hall)
Rating: 5 out of 5

Demonglass (Hex Hall)Summary: After killing her demon grandmother Alice at her school Hex Hall, Sophie is determined to travel to England to undergo the removal process. She wants to ensure that she'll never turn into a blood thirsty demon like Alice. When Sophie's father and head of The Council comes to take her to Council headquarters, he works hard to convince her that demons can in fact control their powers. Of course, demon hunter Archer Cross and previous love interest pops up and let's Sophie know that things aren't quite right with the two other demon residents at Council headquarters. Archer and Sophie travel back to the island where Hex Hall is located only to discover that someone has been using the other side of the island to raise demons and if The Council isn't doing it and The Eye (magical being hunters) aren't doing it, then someone is up to something very, very bad. 

My thoughts: I was pleasantly surprised with this book, the second in the Hex Hall Series. I read the first and while it was interesting and likable, I wasn't too impressed. I decided to read this one to see how it turned out exactly and, wow! This one just blew me away.

While I read Hex Hall a long time ago, it was hard to remember everything that happened, but thankfully, Hawkins did a good job at putting some reminders in so you're not completely lost when key parts of the story come into play.

This one is a much bigger thrill ride than the first. Sophie ends up with her father in England which is a completely different dynamic. Instead of seeing the strained relationship with her mother, we finally get to see the demon side of her family and how her and her father can relate to each other after they've been apart for so long. While Sophie is afraid of becoming a terrible killing machine, she meets other demons when she assumed her and her father where the only ones. We're left with hope knowing that Sophie could never turn out to be a bloody thirsty monster. It really makes me like Sophie much more likable.

I feel that Hawkins grew so much between writing the first book and then this one. I really became enthralled with the plot and the mystery that was beginning to unfold. We learn that Sophie really can't trust anyone because instead of caring about her as a person, they only care about her magic.

My only big complaint with this book is the ending! We have to wait until next year to read the next book and it's going to be a long wait!


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