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Sunday, September 18, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Dark Parties by Sara Grant

Dark Parties
Rating: 4 out of 5

Dark PartiesSummary: Neva lives within a sphere, or better known as Protectosphere, a city within a large sphere that is controlled by fear, lies and harsh punishments for those that do not conform or follow all of the rules. The problem is, the city within the sphere is slowly falling apart. The population is dwindling, and forget about brand new items, as everything is recycled, and recycled to death. Convinced the government is lying, Neva (a daughter of a government official) and her best friend Sanna throw a 'dark party' meant to recruit for an underground rebellion against the government. Slowly, as things unfold, Neva realizes that she must question everything. Her friends, her parents and the life that she knows. Clearly, not everyone is telling the truth.

My thoughts:  I found this book to start out a tad slow. However, once it picked up, it began to really make the story more interesting. While this sort of reads like other dystopian novels, I feel that this one is a little more imaginative than others. 

We have the typical dystopian world with the government controlling the citizens and lying to them about the world they live in. However, the main character Neva actually gets a moment to experience part of the world that is rumored to exist, but no one really knows about. I think my favorite description was about the Women's Empowerment Center. While this place is rumored to exist, and the name doesn't sound so terrible, we actually learn that it's something more dark and sinister. A place where women are shipped off, to live a drugged up existence while constantly pregnant to keep the society within the sphere alive. It's really startling to think about women lying within a drugged a coma with a baby growing inside them, only to have the child delivered to a good, patriotic family to care for the child.

I was slightly disappointed that the books namesake, Dark Parties only ever occurred once. Because the races within the sphere are quite blended, everyone really looks the same. The teens decide to throw a 'dark party' in the dark stripping away everything so they are just who they are. We only experience a dark party in the beginning, and we hear about them slightly throughout the tale, but no more parties occur.

My biggest disappointment was the ending. We are set up for something great. As a reader, I truly wanted Neva to find out what happened to her Grandmother. I wanted Neva to get the life she always wanted, but the ending is so ambiguous we really don't know what happened. We're left wondering what happened to Neva and the people that helped her. The suspense leading up the conclusion drags on for awhile. Things look up, then our hopes get dashed several times before we finally are presented with the ending. All in all, not a bad book but I really would have liked a better ending!


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