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Thursday, September 29, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Blood (Mercian Trilogy) by K. J Wignall (ARC)

Rating: 3 out of 5

Summary: Will has been struck with the sleeping sickness since the 1200's. He goes through periods of sleeping and waking, sometimes waking up years later to feed and be awake awhile before slumbering again. When Will awakes this time, he kills what appears to be a junkie living in and abandoned warehouse. He's certain he will not be missed. However, before Will feeds, the junkie tells him some vital information to his destiny, Will sets out to uncover the information within his journal. It's cryptic and yet Will is certain his destiny is about to be revealed but he won't be going alone. A runaway named Eloise is connected to him in a way that Will isn't sure about just yet.

My thoughts: This book sounds very intriguing and the idea is good but I feel like we get off to a rather slow start. Here we have a vampire that isn't your typical vamp. He mostly hibernates all of the time and only kills certain people, the people that he knows won't be missed. He almost has a conscious that makes him this goody two shoes.

I think what makes this a little more on the boring side is that this vampire has lived for over 700 years and yet, his back story from living all those years isn't so fascinating. We're told briefly about time periods when he sleeps and awakes again and what it was like then, but we're not really told much of anything else.

We are reminded however at how lonely he seems to be, how he continues to do the same thing time and time again when he awakes from his 'sickness'. He refuses for the first 75% of the novel to refer to being a vampire anything other than his sickness and then randomly launches into calling himself the undead just before he meets the vampire that created him in the first place.

It took such a long time for this story to come together. I didn't actually get excited about the possibility of a second book until the very end when one small event turns out to be something rather large and very important to his future.  And, this is when we realize that people are lying to him and even after 700 years, this guy is way too trusting of everyone.

This isn't a bad story but some parts of it just make it a difficult read for me.
Thanks to NetGalley for allowing me to review this book.


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