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Friday, August 19, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Goddess With a Blade by Lauren Dane (ARC)

Goddess With a Blade
Rating: 3.5

Goddess With a BladeSummary: Rowan is not a normal human. She's what is known as a Hunter, or someone that hunts Vampires, or rather someone that keeps them in line. She's also a vessel for the Goddess Brigid. When a series of odd murders begin to happen in Las Vegas, she must work with Clive, the new Vampire Scion to find the killer, but it's not easy. Clive doesn't want to admit that a Vampire is behind the killings. Then, it becomes personal, her police officer friend, Jack confides in Rowan that his girlfriend is missing. Not only that, he knows she's been using drugs. Meth to be exact. She knows the Vampire turned serial killer is also on meth. Rowan has to confirm what her friend Jack knows but doesn't want to admit to. The killings are not natural.

My thoughts: I really wasn't sure what to think when I first started this. I really wanted to really like this book because it sounded amazing, but I think the female characters language and attitude really turned me off. Don't get me wrong, I don't mind crass language or attitudes, but Rowan is one of those characters that tends to think a little too highly of herself. With that aside, the book was good. I liked the plot. It went in a different direction than other paranormal novels tend to go in. It's a crime novel with a paranormal twist. Not to mention, you have all of this going on in a big city like Las Vegas. It is bristling with activity of all kinds. It was a great place to have a story like this.

Also, this is a paranormal romance too. Rowan, while she's not happy about meeting Clive, the new Vampire scion, has feelings for him that, because of her job, she really shouldn't have. So, there is an air of forbidden romance in the mix. However, it doesn't seem to cause that much tension in the world of Hunter and Vampire which I think was a little disappointing. Romances of this nature, especially when the two characters come from conflicting worlds, tend to make the story a little more interesting and fleshed out. It just seems to me, with the ending, it was all wrapped up rather nicely and never really worried about again. This was a little disappointing. I wanted to see the characters fight a bit for the relationship but it doesn't really happen. The only conflict seems to be with themselves. All in all, not a bad story. 


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