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Monday, July 25, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: The Replacement by Brenna Yovanoff

The Replacement
Rating: 4 out of 5

The ReplacementSummary: 16 year old Mackie Doyle is a changeling, a replacement child left behind when beings from the other world stole the real Malcom Doyle. The Doyle's try to keep this a secret, they have very strict rules the family must follow to ensure that no one knows that Mackie isn't their real child. He can't attend his father's church, he can't eat food from metal cans, and he can't stand blood. This makes life for him interesting. Then, one day, he meets a stranger in a club that tells him shocking words, "you're dying". Then, his sister Emma comes home with a vial of something he is supposed to drink. The tonic does something wonderful, he feels much better than he has in years. The only problem is, their help comes with a price. When he begins working for The Morrigan, trying to gain the admiration of the people in the town of Gentry, his mother forbids him to go back. It seems that Mackie isn't the only one with a secret. And then, there's Tate, a girl that just lost her sister, but she claims the girl that was buried isn't her sister afterall, but a changeling. Can Mackie help put an end to the kidnappings once and for all?

My thoughts: I really wasn't sure how to take this novel at first. You're thrust right into the middle of the story and the strange things that Mackie goes through on a daily basis. However, we're not quite sure what's happening to him, so it all seems a bit strange until we realize that there is more to this Mackie Doyle character than we at first realize.

I really enjoyed reading this story though. I think my favorite parts were the underworld stories and the characters that are living in those underground area's. They're mysterious, strange but fascinating all at the same time. It's interesting to see how many people really are changeling children, striving to live their lives as best as they can, trying to shy away from being weird.

My only complaint is that this ended on a 'it's all about choices' ending. I expected something different. Something not as preachy. However, it was a good story. 


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