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Tuesday, July 5, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Dominance by Will Lavender (ARC)

Rating: 3.5 out of 5

DominanceSummary: Richard Aldiss, a college professor is accused of murdering two of his students. While serving time in jail, he teaches a college night course for nine bright literary students on an author known as Paul Fallows. However, Paul Fallows as named, does not exist. The class is meant to help unravel the mystery of Paul Fallows because if Paul Fallows is found then Professor Aldiss can finally be named innocent. In this night class, the students are taught the game known only as The Procedure. In this game, students reenact scenes from Fallows books, to win is to be accepted, to lose means you are shunned. The students from the night class engage in this game but only two students really follow the clues that Professor Aldiss gives them, which means Alex Shipley and Keller find themselves in Iowa in search of man that may be the secret to setting Professor Aldiss free.

My thoughts: It took me a bit of time to get myself inside this story. I like the idea, it's very original but the story tends to jump around from present day to the 1994 night class and back again in in the blink of an eye which means it's hard to keep up. The story splits up so much it is annoying to read through sometimes. I don't really like where all of the story splits are placed.

This is a mystery and thriller novel and yes, there are plenty of mysteries to weed through, however, the thriller part for me was kind of lacking. It seemed very rushed and seemed to be over within the blink of an eye. This is an ARC copy and according to Amazon, there are more pages added so the final copy may have more suspense and thrillers than this copy.  I did enjoy this book but the few things I listed above were kind of a put off.

The mystery of the murders was interesting. This novel didn't so readily give everything away like some mystery novels do. I did not expect who was the blame, it did keep me guessing until right before the person was revealed, then it made sense. All in all, not a bad read, there were just some pet peeves that I had to sort through to really enjoy this novel. Thanks to Good Reads for this novel.


karen! said...

Interesting concept, that's for sure.
I'm curious as to the logistics of his teaching as I assume he's in a maximum security prison due to the multiple murder rap - do the students come to jail for class? is it an online course? - and I also wonder at the school allowing a serial killer (of students!) to teach or interact with students in any way.

Willow said...

The class was taught through video, him in prison, the students in a basement classroom to avoid protesters.

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