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Thursday, July 7, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Club Dead by Charlaine Harris

Club Dead: A Sookie Stackhouse Novel
Rating: 5 out of 5

Club Dead: A Sookie Stackhouse NovelSummary:  One night Bill tells Sookie that he has to go away for awhile and that if anything happens, she is to look at his house or in the secret hiding spot Bill built into her closet. Sookie doesn't question anything though, she knows he runs errands for Eric all the time. However, when Eric arrives to tell Sookie that Bill is missing, Sookie is once again sent on a mission to help find the whereabouts of her vampire boyfriend, Bill. Sookie is paired with a Were and guarded by Bubba, she learns something about Bill that could change their relationship and she also has many close calls with her own demise.

My thoughts: I have to say that Bubba is quickly becoming my favorite character. I love his backstory and I love how loyal to a fault he is. He follows directions perfectly, he does not deviate from them whatever and regardless of how crude or disgusting he may be, he is actually quite a nice character as long as you stay on his good side. I'd really like to hear more about him and I hope I get to in later books.

The revelation of Bill's behavior regarding his relationship with Sookie is quite startling, I expected him to treat her a lot nicer than that. Also, Eric was an annoying character for me in book one. I began to tolerate him a little more in book two, but his character is really starting to grow on me now and honestly I'm beginning to wander how a relationship would fare between Sookie and Eric. Yes, I know, Bill has staked a claim but still, it could be an interesting read!

I was also surprised at how quickly Sookie owned up to the fact that with Bill and the vampire's she's constantly in danger and she's tired of it. I expected her to continue along with their wishes for some time before giving in. I did not expect her character to come to terms with it so quickly especially since she has been a pretty big advocate for vampire's.

This was a much more enjoyable read than book two. I will move on to the next.


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