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Tuesday, June 14, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: You Can't Stop Me by Max Allan Collins and Matthew Clemens

You Can't Stop Me
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

You Can't Stop MeSummary: J.C Harrow turns into a national celebrity the day he saves the president from being shot at the Iowa State Fair. It's nothing new for him though, he's a cop, it's what he does. He makes the long drive home to find his house dark, the mailbox closed and his wife's car in the driveway. He knows something isn't right. When he begins to explore the house he finds his wife and son both dead from gunshot wounds. At first, Harrow is a suspect but quickly cleared as they find that his gun had not be recently fired. More murders pop up all over the country, they all seem to target civil servant families. Years later, Harrow takes a job as a TV show host working to catch bad guys and put them away.  When a personal assistant working for the TV company discovers a clue that other police miss, Harrow and the PA work together to create an expert team of police personnel to find the killer of Harrow's family, and the other families over the years. The reason the killer admits to killing so many is shocking.

My thoughts: When I got this book from Amazon it was a free download and I am quite happy that I got it free. Don't get me wrong, this book wasn't terrible, the concept was great but the execution I think, could have been better. I really like mystery and thriller novels, and I did have high hopes for this one. I was however, annoyed with the constant really TV show hype. I used to enjoy some reality TV shows so I suppose all the references to this supposed TV show weren't really what I was looking for. Also, just as a side mark, the name of the TV show was very cheesy. It became kind of laughable really whenever the TV show name was mentioned (for reference it was called Crime Seen!).

I realize that the show was the basis for how the team went after the killer, but it was full of moments that, in my opinion were unnecessary. We had to sit through whole segments of the show just to get to the point of what we were really after, clues to the murders.

I did like the ending. It was a conspiracy theory basis with a slight twist. The ending took awhile to happen which was kind of annoying. I wanted loose ends to tie up. I wasn't looking for how the show ended and what happened to crew members. I wanted to know what happened to families and the criminal.

All in all, I say this is a good read if you can grab it for free again!


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