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Saturday, June 11, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale

Hex, A Witch and Angel Tale
Rating: 4 out of 5

Hex, A Witch and Angel TaleSummary: Hex, A Witch and Angel tale is about Lily, a not so normal teenager enjoying life as a high school student with her best friend J. The only downside to Lily is, she cannot touch people without experiencing unbelievable pain. The pain can get so bad sometimes she'll just collapse and pass out. She tends to see the past or future when she touches people.She also has magical powers. She uses these powers to make magic candles for her mother's witch shop, and these candles tend to pack a powerful punch.  She learns to live without touching people though. And then, Ryder, the hottest guy at school comes along and asks her for a date. At first, she thinks she's some sort of creepy stalker, but then she learns that she can touch Ryder. She falls for him hard, but there's a catch. They're not just boyfriend and girlfriend, they're soul mates, bound together for hundreds of years by a curse and it always ends the same.

My thoughts: I want to start this by saying this is not a terrible book, I did give it 4 out of 5 stars, but I did feel like there were some flaws with it. Something about the beginning of the book and how the main character, Lily speaks to you was annoying to me at first. However, it does get better and Lily does become a more interesting character. I really wanted to see more magic taking place. If you're looking for a paranormal romance that contains a lot of magic, this is NOT it. The magic really does not begin until you're almost finished with the book and even then, it seems pretty minimal.

I also expected more action, maybe a power showdown, but this also does not occur. There is a hint but not much. However, there is romance, Lily is torn between two guys. They both are hiding secrets and Lily needs to find out the truth behind their motives. It takes a long time for her to catch on, again right before the end. The ending is kind of abrupt and things just seem to fall into a perfect little ending way too easily.  It's not a bad story, I just expected a fleshier tale. 


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