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Wednesday, June 1, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Cemetery Dance by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child

Cemetery Dance
Rating: 4 out of 5

Cemetery DanceSummary: Bill Smithback is celebrating his wedding anniversary at the apartment he shares with his wife. She tells him she'll be right back she has a surprise and she leaves, leaving Bill at home alone until her return. However, his wife does not return home to find Bill alive. Bill is surprised by an intruder looking like death with a large knife in his hand, and he attacks. Bill dies in the kitchen trying to fight for his life and his wife is attacked by the same intruder as he's leaving the scene of the crime. The only problem? The suspect died and was buried before the attack, so how could he have attacked again? What follows is a series of events all leading up to a mysterious cult like sect that lives in the woods and sacrifices animals. Those that live around The Ville feel that without a doubt, some sort of voodoo is being practiced there. Nora tries to continue living her life after her husbands death, but the moment she sees her dead husband walk into an award ceremony to commit a crime of his own, Nora decides it has to end. Are zombii's attacking Nora and her friends, or is someone (or something) else to blame?

My thoughts: As I said before, this was an impulse purchase that I picked up from the store. This is also a series book but the authors state in the back of the book that you do not have to read the books in order to understand them or enjoy the story line. So, with that being said, I was pretty surprised with this story.  Towards the end, it became really hard to put this book down and stop reading. In fact, I just kept reading until I finished because I was so close to the end anyway.

Anyway, the ending was a giant shocker. This whole story is set up around The Ville, the cult that lives in the woods. You get extremely worked up with this story and the lives of the mysterious cult that claims to want nothing but peace when their actions seem otherwise. Then, the story just explodes and it takes a completely different turn. I was not expecting the ending. My biggest disappointment I think was the ending. I felt that the one committing the crimes would have a better reason for their actions instead of the one given. I was expecting something way more sinister. However, other than that, I really did enjoy this story and I'm glad I purchased it!


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