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Thursday, April 28, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: The Magnolia League by Katie Crouch (ARC)

The Magnolia League

Rating: 4 out of 5
Publication Date: May 3, 2011

The Magnolia LeagueSummary: Alex used to live on a communal farm in California with her mother growing plants and using them for herbal medicine. Now, she lives in Savannah Georgia with her grandmother that insists upon making her into the perfect Savannah woman and turning her into a Magnolia; a high ranking society member that everyone knows, respects and talks about. Alex wants nothing to do with those people at first. She has plans, to change the world, to make a difference, not dote on herself and others. Slowly however, Alex begins to accept the other Magnolia girls as friends. She begins to hang out with them, and even like them. Then, reality hits as Alex finds out, the Magnolia League isn't just about parties, and meetings, it's about magic, and Alex will have an important role to play in their society if she decides to stay. 

My Thoughts: I was surprised by this book. I expected a completely different turn of events, but, I am still pleased with how it turned out. I think my general annoyance with this book are all of the pot references. Yes, I get it. She grew up on a hippie farm. She, for the most part considers herself a hippie. For someone that claims she wasn't into the whole pot smoking scene on the farm sure talks about it a lot, thinks about it and relates things in her life to her memories of it. It's just too much pot talk for my liking. 

Also, while this story is quite interesting, I was really hoping for more action. There are some interesting spots, with blips of action, but I want more. I suppose I was hoping for a book that got into the action faster, and moved on to reaching the climax a bit farther into the story. However, I am NOT disappointed. I really liked this, and if there is a follow up I cannot wait to read it. 


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