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Saturday, April 16, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: I am Number Four by Pittacus Lore

I Am Number Four
Rating: 4 out of 5

I Am Number FourSummary: Four is tired of running. He has been on the run with Henri, his Cepan, or guardian since he was young, ever since the Mogadorians took over his home planet of Lorien, destroying it and killing everyone he knew and loved. Now, he runs for his life. The others that fled with him are slowly dying, in order. He is number four, he was just brandished with another scar on his ankle, Number 3 his dead, and he is next. That is how he ends up in Paradise Ohio, a small town that Henri hopes they can hide in, lay low and if need be, just run again. But, Number Four falls in love, he finds real friends, and he doesn't want to leave. He thinks that just for a moment, they might be able to stay in Paradise. And then, they come for him. Now, he decides, is the time to fight.

My Thoughts: I had heard bad things about this book at first. I wasn't that interested in seeing the movie, but I thought it could not hurt to read the book. I was not disappointed, although there are some parts that I really disliked having to read through. The book is told through the eyes of Number Four, so everything reads with I or We. At first, it's a bit strange, but the pace picks up and makes it a lot easier to read. When the war begins, I found that part hard to read, but because of violence, but because the scenes seemed quite long, drawn out and sometimes boring. It took awhile for a fight scene to play out and it was just one right after the other.  I just kept waiting for the war to end, so we could get to a more interesting point, even if everyone died or whatever, I just wanted the war to end.

However, this was a pretty enjoyable read. It was fast, wasn't riddled with too many boring parts (except the war) and it made it easy to feel for Number Four, and to really want him to make it out alive. I say go ahead and read it.


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