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Tuesday, April 26, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Amber Frost by Suzi Davis

Amber Frost (The Lost Magic)
Rating: 4 out of 5

Amber Frost (The Lost Magic)Summary: Grace Stevenson is rich, popular and has everything she wants, especially the most popular, attractive, rich guy at her private school, Craigflower. Then, she meets him, Sebastian. He's strange, a loner, and a foster kid. The type of guy Grace is supposed to stay away from. However, strange things happen when Grace is around him, Sebastian always seems to get what he wants, and Grace is starting to get what she wants. She realizes that living the life she lives, dating Clarke, and being rich and popular really isn't what she wants. Quite frankly, she's just not happy. Grace and Sebastian begin to date and things spiral out of control, and she realizes who he really is. He's hundreds of years old with some sort of magical power, one that allows him to get everything he wants. The problem is, he can't remember everything of his past life. But, does Grace really play a more important role in his life than they thought?

My Thoughts: OK, I'll admit it, after first I was very annoyed with this book. All we hear about in the first few chapters are how attractive Grace is, how she's so beautiful, and how she has everything she wants, how don't forget how beautiful she is. It's disturbing to have one person love themselves so much. It really took me several chapters to get into this book. However, once the action began to pick up, and we begin seeing a different side of Grace, one that isn't a walking, talking robot for her mother, it really started to get interesting. At first, I really felt like this book was another Twilight, minus the vampire aspect (and I hate Twilight), but it did take a different turn, one that leads us down a completely different path. I am very irritated with the ending though because that means I have to read the next book to find out everything that happens. It was kind of a slow start I suppose, because it seems that the follow up will contain all of the action.


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