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Saturday, March 5, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Protector by Laurel Dewey

Rating: 4 out of 5

ProtectorSummary: Jane Perry is a rough around the edges, no nonsense cop that has a bit of an alcohol problem. She also has a bit of psychicness within her as well. She's assigned to a case with her partner Chris that quickly goes wrong, and a family of three dies, including their young daugther. Then, another case appears with a mother and father dead, with their young daughter Emily managing to escape. For some reason, Emily is rather taken with Jane. She is sent to a small town in Colorado called Peachville with Emily for two reasons: to protect her and to find out why Emily's subconcious is hiding about her parent's murders. It seems that Emily has a lot to teach Jane about life, about children and about moving on.

My Thoughts: This was a free Amazon Kindle book and I think it is still available for free. At first, I found it quite hard to get into the novel because Jane really is hard to like. She's rough, cusses a lot, is a chain smoker, and quite frankly just doesn't give a damn. However, Jane slowly begins to rub off on you, especially when she has flashbacks relating to her past with her father. I think those flashbacks make it easier to like Jane because you can tell she's really hurting and does a lot of what she does to guard herself.

I think my favorite parts of this book are where Jane and Emily interact. It's obvious that Jane knows nothing about children, and is a bit annoyed with her. However, it's obvious that Emily does rub off on her as well because she really does start to treat her like a daughter. The plot followed a pretty logical line, and at points, really had me questioning who was behind the entire thing. At first, I thought I had a good grip on things, and then the plot turned and had me questioning everything all over again. I usually have a habit of picking up on who done it early in mysteries/thrillers but not in this one.

 I am a bit disappointed in the ending of this book. The ending that I had planned would have been a typical ending, but still it made me sad. I think a different ending would really make Jane grow more as a character. And I wanted to see more of these two characters together. All in all, it was a great read.


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