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Saturday, February 26, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Starlighter by Brian Davis

                                            StarlighterStarlighter by Brian Davis

 Rating:4 out of 5 Stars

Summary:  Jason Masters of the planet Major Four has always been told stories about dragons and their planet of Starlight. He is told stories about the Lost Ones; humans that the dragons have taken and enslaved for their own personal gain. Those, however are just stories right? Jason thinks they're just tales until his older brother goes missing, and then his other brother, Adrian sets off to find him, and he tells him tales of Starlight and how it's a real place. Jason is given his brother's job at the palace, and the person he's supposed to protect ends up dead. Jason is blamed for the crime, but other guards send him on a mission. He discovers an old friend that he once thought dead, and the portal to Starlight. But, how does he get home? And where can he find his brothers?

My thoughts: I wasn't really sure about this book. It begins on kind of a slow streak and you're left wondering, what does all of this mean? The action slowly begins to pick up however. If you're looking for a lot of action, you have to read until the book almost ends to really experience action. The world of the dragons is quite strange. They apparently speak two languages, dragon speak and in this case, English because it is what humans speak. Dragons in this world are very cruel creatures and even use whips to enslave their humans. The humans in this case, are used to keep their dragon planet alive. Humans are given assignments and some humans drill into the land to release a special gas. This gas is needed to keep the dragons alive. I find this book interesting because, here is a world where dragons are not the slayers, but they are actually in control. This is not your typical fantasy dragon book. Dragons are given personalities and lives, and they have a heirarchy of control. I think it's interesting to see a world where dragons are actually more than just growling, fire breathing creatures.

The ending is quite odd however. The book just builds and builds and builds, and then suddenly, nothing. It just comes to a strange end, where Jason from Major Four and Koren, a Starlighter from the planet Starlight are traveling to another part of Starlight to seek help. This was not a bad read. My major annoyance were all the references to the Creator or Holy One. I'm interested in what happens in the next books but I am not sure if I will be reading them.


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