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Thursday, February 10, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Reaper by Rachel Vincent

Reaper 2.5 out of 5

ReaperSummary: Tod is a bean sidhe and knows all about how death works. His mother, also a bean sidhe told him about Reaper's and their responsibilities after his father died. Tod however, comes face to face with a Reaper one night after a tragic accident with his brother Nash. Tod makes the ultimate sacrifice and learns more about what it means to be a Reaper.

My Thoughts: This is a novella and part of the Soul Screamers series. I am not familiar with them which probably has something to do with why I'm not a big fan of this book. I feel like it's rushed and leaves a lot to question.

When we first meet Tod, he is a typical teenager, but he comes off as a jerk. Someone that's not that great to his mother and is only out for his own gain. He's kind of an unlikable character. His younger brother Nash is much worse than Tod. He's a lot more unlikable and more of a jerk. He's very irrational, and very much a trouble maker.  Tod is supposed to stay at home and watch his brother, but instead, he's with his girlfriend, worrying more about his hormones than protecting his younger brother, even when he's sure he'll make a mistake.

I feel the author pushes us to hate Tod, and then after he saves his brother, we're suddenly supposed to like him more because he made such a large sacrifice for someone that truly didn't deserve it. We meet up with Tod at several different intervals after the tragic accident and after he begins his reaper duties.

The ending was disappointing. We're left wondering what choices he made, and wondering if the balance of all mankind will be thrown off because once again, he made such a terrible choice.

This may be a more interesting read for those of you familiar with the Soul Screamers series, but otherwise this is not such a great read.


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