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Saturday, February 5, 2011 | By: Traci

Review: Don't Die Dragonfly by Linda Joy Singleton

Don't Die, Dragonfly
Rating: 3.5 out of 5

Don't Die, DragonflySummary: After getting kicked out of her high school, Sabine goes to live with her grandmother Nona while hiding the fact that she still has her 'gift'. Nona has the gift as well so hiding it really isn't necessary.  She is trying hard to fit in at her new school, especially after the students at the other school went as far to sign a petition to have her removed from school. However, her spirit guide Opal just doesn't leave her alone, visions just keep appearing of a bloody dragonfly. Then it begins again, Sabine is being framed for crimes she didn't commit and someone else is in danger as well.

My Thoughts: First off, my biggest issue with this book were the numerous spelling errors that I encountered. I sure hope this is only the Kindle version and not the paperback version as well.  Secondly, I feel like this was one giant PSA. The plot was interesting, but I feel like it wasn't deep enough, and the characters didn't always fit into their specific roles. I feel as if they were forced into being too adult and preachy when they're not adult characters. The storyline is believeable however. The things that occur are things many teens do have to face, minus the whole being psychic thing.  This book ended on a giant cliffhanger. Sabine is given a box and is told to open it. The items contained within this box are important to helping her grandmother which I'm guessing is the  plot of the next book. However, it ends with her being handed the box. We know nothing of what is inside. This is a series that I'm not sure whether or not I will continue to read. I will move on to other books, and books that I'm more interested and reading and then decide whether or not the series is worth continuing. I'm hoping for more reviews on the second book to see where it goes.


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